Specialty Chemical Distributor
   Bridging Asia and America
            -- Since 1991 --

ACP - About Us

Who We Are

American Chemie-Pharma was founded in 1991 by Mike Kamdar, a chemical engineer by trade with a keen eye for identifying trends and opportunities in the global chemical market. ACP entered the chemical distribution business with an initial focus on pharmaceutical excipients, but has since expanded its product portfolio to include a wide variety of industrial and specialty chemicals. Building on 22 years of import experience, ACP continues to foster new relationships by bridging the gap between customers and their need for world-class chemicals at cost-effective prices.

What We Do

Our expertise in strategic sourcing has enabled us to build a strong network of primary producers and suppliers, especially in emerging markets such as India and Southeast Asia. Through these relationships we are always on the lookout for new, innovative products to add to our comprehensive portfolio. And with the steady expansion of our technical know-how, reach and capability, we are committed to offering our customers end-to-end solutions and the potential to consolidate all of their chemical sourcing efforts.

What We Believe

At the heart of our business we firmly stand by the principle that success is measured not individually, but collectively. As a responsible distributor we aim to strengthen the value chain on both sides, focusing on impeccable service and customer satisfaction while respecting the challenges of our suppliers—even if it means foregoing profits at times for the greater good. We take pride in our straightforward work ethic, and as a result our partnerships are always based on cooperation, transparency and mutual benefit.   

Our Core Values

Customer First




Shared Success