Specialty Chemical Distributor
   Bridging Asia and America
            -- Since 1991 --

ACP - Logistics & Distribution

ACP WarehousesImport Expertise

Having over 22 years of global import/export experience, we fully take over the responsibility of procuring specialty chemicals, starting with the planning and coordination of timely shipments, to managing the administrative burden of importation procedures, to arranging final door delivery for our customers. Our goal is to make overseas procurement as seamless as possible and offer real value through shorter cycle times and increased cost savings.

Flexible Distribution

Through our extensive distribution network, we provide the flexibility to support changing demand and ensure the highest level of service. From bulk shipments of thousands of pounds to small LTL shipments and even samples, we aim to fulfill our customers' needs no matter the circumstances. In addition to warehouse distribution we offer logistics support for direct distribution arrangements as well. To meet our commitments we have established long-standing business relationships with experienced, certified third-party logistics service providers. 

Inventory Readiness

With several warehouses across the country we strive to maintain continuity of supply regardless of prevailing market conditions, ensuring quick turnaround and off-the-shelf deliveries—even for customers in remote locations. By keeping an array of products in ready stock, we offer the potential to consolidate sourcing through a one stop shop approach.