Specialty Chemical Distributor
   Bridging Asia and America
            -- Since 1991 --

ACP - Strengths


◊ Customer-centric Approach

In today's highly competitive landscape, it is absolutely imperative that we respond quickly to changing business conditions and evolving customer needs. We strive to deliver tailored products and customized solutions for our customers while implementing changes continuously and looking for ways to improve every aspect of our chemical distribution business.

◊ Comprehensive Product Offering

We proudly offer an expansive portfolio of specialty and industrial chemicals for innovative solutions in the following industries:  Personal Care, Household Industrial & Institutional, Food, Nutraceuticals, Animal Nutrition, Lubricants, Metal Working, Oilfield, Paints & Coatings, Catalysts, Flame Retardants and Synthesis.  

◊ Strong Relationships With Premier Suppliers

We source our products from leading manufacturers in India, Malaysia and Europe. Our suppliers' facilities are regularly audited and are fully compliant to the highest global quality standards, including ISO 9001 and REACH. All products are supported by original documentation including technical specifications, certificates of analysis, regulatory and safety compliance and lot traceability.  

◊ Product Expertise

Our highly commercial service-oriented team has in-depth knowledge of product applications and is always ready to offer outstanding technical sales support, market trend insight and even logistics solutions for end users across North America.

◊ Extensive Distribution Network

With over six warehouses strategically located around the United States, we are well-positioned to service customers in all the major industrial centers as well as remote locations.  

◊ HAZMAT Certified

We have over 20 years of experience in the importation of HAZMAT chemicals, including shipping line approval, customs clearance, warehousing, inland freight and disposal, all while maintaining strict compliance with USDOT and CBP regulations.  

◊ Outstanding Customer Service

The customer's success means our success. At ACP we live and breathe by this motto and as a result we work steadfastly to meet our customers' needs and, ultimately, to help them grow their businesses as well.

  What our customers say

We appreciate you reducing our cost. You've truly been a helpful supplier.
-- Norman, Fox & Co.

We recognize the additional value that your company provides for this material.
-- Lambent Technologies

It's very refreshing to have a quick turnaround time on these agree-ments. The quality team over here at Avatar really does appreciate it. 
-- Avatar Corporation


  What our suppliers say

We are cooperating with [AC] for several years... Mike is a very trustworthy and loyal businessman.
-- Berg & Schmidt GmbH & Co.